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Real Estate FAQs

How We Benefit You

  • We can close fast – if necessary, within 24 hours – or, we can fit your schedule. You can move in as soon as you are approved by us.

  • We can work with non-traditional credit. We can accept any credit as long as the down payment meets our requirements.

  • We can offer you a fair price and reasonable monthly payments.

  • We can work with you on the timing of your move.

  • If you have a house you need to get rid of, we have solutions for you whether your house needs repairs, or you are relocating, behind on payments, divorcing, changing jobs, or just don’t want to have renters destroy your home. If your home qualifies, we might even be able to trade!

  • If you are not FULLY SATISFIED with the terms of our Agreement at the time you take our home off the market, we will part as friends and not do business together.

Customer Care Policy

Our customers are the most important people in our organization. 
They are not dependent upon us. We are dependent upon them.

Buyers, Borrowers, Homeowners and Tenants do not interrupt our work.  
They are the reason we have work.

Customers do us a favor when they call. 
We are not doing them a favor by returning calls. 
We may be busy, but they take priority.

Our customers are families that bring us their wants. 
It’s our job to listen, to understand and to fill those wants.

Customers are not cold statistics. 
They are unique human beings with different feelings, emotions and needs. 
We have a job, when they allow us to fill those needs.

Our customers are deserving of the most courteous treatment we can give them. 
A customer is not someone to argue or match wits with. 
They may not always be right, but they are always our customers. 
We do not have to be right, we are here to serve.

Properly cared for, they will remain our customers for life and bring us new ones.

Our customers are the most important people in our organization!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Transform Lives through Affordable Housing to Empower Families and Individuals to Enjoy the American Dream of Home Ownership.
Our Mission is to service our customers by creating and delivering a quality service, which is unique and valuable.
Our Mission is to listen to the customers who represent the marketplace.
Our Mission is to create a unique service to meet their needs and deliver that service as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Our Mission is to provide outstanding value for money, to design and deliver quality and service unmatched by our competitors.
Our service, quality, reliability, responsibility, responsiveness, follow up, integrity and attention to detail all play a part in delivering our Mission.

Our Solutions

Financing: If You Have Some Credit Issues

  • We can put you into a house for as little as 3% of the sales price.

  • If you have more money to work with we can offer you our Special Financing Program.

  • We are not Bankers, or any other Financial Institution. Therefore; This program is limited by State Law.

Choice: We Can Customize A House For You

  • If you like one of our houses, but it doesn’t quite have all the features you want.

  • We can completely customize a house to meet your needs.

  • If the home needs repairs we may be able to work out some credits for quality work you perform or have performed.

There are many other possibilities, Let’s talk!

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