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Shane & Patricia, Rent-To-Own Level

“It’s been a great experience [working with Maryland Housing Solutions]. Paul and Michelle are excellent people to work with!! It’s been excellent." - Patricia

"It’s been fun, it’s been a learning experience. I recommend that people ask a lot of questions about how to gets started on owning a house. Not a lot of people know about rent-to-own or about the program so I’ve been telling people about it!” - Shane


Anye & ChaWann, Rent-To-Own Level

"Our experience so far has been great! I just look at it as a blessing and that God put us where we needed to be. There was the frustration of looking at so many places and hearing no, no, no... then when we found MHS. The whole thing has been a blessing to me. Being patient because I knew it was all going to happen, and it's just been a wonderful experience! I actually already referred three people!"

Greg & Liz, Agreement-For-Deed Level

"My wife and I had the opportunity to participate in the Maryland Housing Solutions program. We've found that this is perfect for prospective homeowners with credit blemishes. If you're willing to put some sweat equity in you'll be a great candidate. Everyone involved was very nice and knowledgeable. I'd get in touch with them if you find yourself in that position. HOME OWNERSHIP IS FOR EVERYONE!"


Garry & Shirley, Rent-To-Own Level

"You all have been phenomenal for my wife and I. Y'all have went, and I don't lie, I'm sure you treated everybody and given them the same love and courtesy that you showed us. You all went over and beyond. Y'all made sure that whatever was needed was needed, and beyond. 

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